When I was young, I learned to ride the bike the hard way. I dealt with frustrations, scrapes and bruises because I eagerly wanted to learn. I was envious of everyone my age who rode their bikes with confidence. Fortunately, my baby girl need not experience this today — thanks to the Kazam Balance Bike. This kind of bike is the latest online craze for mothers like me who want to teach their children the principles of balance and coordination at an early age.

Suitable for those aged 3-6 years old, the bike slowly trains children to eventually ride a traditional bicycle. Pedaling is placed as second priority, as balancing is the main focus. This actually works! Everything else you need to know about bikes will follow if you first learn how to balance. A footrest area is provided too, allowing toddlers to rest their feet instead of hanging them in the air. The bike can also be your child’s toy for many upcoming years because of the adjustable seat. The seat can be adjusted slowly to fit their growing legs!

I gave it to my baby girl just this month as a gift for her third birthday. I was hesitant at first because I didn’t want to see her get hurt at an early age. However, my husband insisted that she needed it NOW, or else it might be too late. And so, we bought it. Even though it is less costly than similar bikes on the market, my child actually mastered and enjoyed her new toy in just a few weeks — without getting hurt. Hopefully, she’ll be gaining confidence in a few years to be able to ride the regular bike. My baby girl can hardly get her hands and feet off this bike as soon as she got the concept of balance. She is having so much fun; it so fills my heart with joy seeing her small teeth while she is giggling. My husband was right — she needed it now!

Overall, I really agree that this is a great transitional bike between toddler scooters and a first pedal bike. I even wish I had this when I was young! Don’t wait till your kids are older before giving this to them. It is easier to master skills when you start young. Riding a bike anyway is a basic, valuable skill. Can this be the best gift? Oh, yes it is.

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