A lot more people are buying caravans these days because it is a lot cheaper to own a caravan as a second home when compared with the prices to go abroad.

However, there are select few caravan owners that are disappointed with their caravan because they rushed into it. They did not do their research and now they have a caravan that is not suitable for their family.

These people will moan to their friends and other caravan users and they will put them off buying a caravan. This is not fair because it is their own fault that they don’t like the caravan that they have.

If they had done their research, then they would be in a more suitable caravan and they would be encouraging other people to buy their own.

If you are thinking about buying a caravan, then you have come to the right place. Read on for some tips for buying a caravan that is suitable for you and your family.

1. Budget – When you go into the sales office on a holiday camp, you have to have a budget in mind and you have to know what that budget will cost you. If you only want a basic caravan as somewhere to lay your head when you are sightseeing, then you can pay as little as £1000 for a basic, second hand caravan. If you want brand-new and state of the art, then you should expect to pay a lot more. If you want the latter, then you should be thinking of the caravan as a second home and maybe retiring there when you are older.

2. How many rooms? – If you have kids and you know that you want more, then you should choose a bigger caravan. Maybe choose a caravan that has 2 more rooms than you really need, therefore you can accommodate a growing family and you have extra space for when your kids grow up. The rooms should all be capable of fitting adults as well as children. You do not want to buy a caravan with a room that is specifically for kids because it will be unusable in the future.

3. Interior – You need to look around the caravan and think about the things that you would think about if you were buying a house. If the caravan is second hand and you don’t like the look of the interior, you might have to pay to have it changed, but if you buy new, then you can choose the interior before it is even made.

4. Location – You should have an idea of the location of the caravan before you buy it. This is because you will need to think about land rental and if you want to rent it out. Some camps only have room for a certain size of caravan, so keep that in mind when you are thinking about buying.

5. Renting? – You should definitely know if you want to rent it out to customers or not before you buy one. If you have a camp already, you should ask them what the procedure is for renting the caravan out. Some will charge you a fee for renting the caravan for you, upfront, and others will just take a cut of the rental fee that you charge the customers. This means you will have less profit but you don’t have the hassle of finding renters. If you want to take 100% profit, then you will have to find the customers yourself. You could use a website or put posters up on local message boards.

N Doe Caravans is a company that specializes in dealing park home and static caravans. They are a family run business and they have been dealing caravans since 1970. They have accumulated a vast knowledge and experience in the industry making them a reliable service to caravan parks, trade clients, private clients and caravan manufacturers. Over the years, they have bought a fleet of vehicles, which are equipped for transporting caravans all over the UK and Europe. Their staff members are all specially trained and they have the caravan waiting in the parks when the clients turn up to make it into their new home.

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